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Madhu Packers and Movers, an IBA approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is your trusted partner for comprehensive relocation services in India and internationally. Since 2021, we have specialized in residential and commercial moves, including expert packing, loading, and handling of fragile items. Operating over 1000 vehicles in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, we ensure seamless and professional relocations tailored to your needs. Based in Lucknow and government-registered, we offer top-tier moving services at competitive rates, utilizing innovative techniques to prioritize client satisfaction in the moving industry.


Home shifting services​

Moving homes is a pivotal milestone in life. Ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition for your belongings on moving day is paramount. This demands entrusting the job to a reputable household mover equipped with the necessary expertise and qualifications. With their meticulous planning and efficient execution, you can rest assured that your cherished possessions will be transported safely and on schedule.


As India experiences constant growth, our connections span across multiple cities. Relocation has become a frequent necessity for various reasons such as employment, family matters, business ventures, or health concerns. When obtaining quotes from different firms for moving costs, you might notice significant variations in pricing, despite similar items and locations. This can be attributed to several factors, but the most common ones include the range of services offered, the scale of the company’s operations, and its credibility.


  • We offer both local and long-distance moving services in india
  • Services for professional packing in india
  • Wrapping furniture with care
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture in india
  • Delivery of new furnishings in india
  • Loading and unloading assistance for your rental truck and/or storage unit in india


Moving residences across borders is a monumental decision, as it entails adapting to new laws, cultures, languages, environments, and responsibilities. It’s crucial to thoroughly consider what you’ll need for an international move. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your destination country and plan your relocation accordingly. There are reputable international relocation management companies available to guide you through every step of the process. If you simply require transportation of your belongings without additional management or advisory services, opt for local international packers and movers specializing in cargo shipping. From furniture to household appliances, bedding, clothing, and electronic devices, numerous items must be carefully transported.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional services at competitive rates. Our packers and movers services in India are designed to offer maximum convenience for your relocation needs. With a focus on meeting and exceeding client expectations, we also provide additional services such as cargo handling and logistics solutions.


Office relocation in India can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Moving all your office supplies and equipment involves both physical and logistical preparation for a new location. Fortunately, MADHU Packers and Movers, renowned as the best packers and movers in India, streamline this process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition for you. Our professional commercial movers handle the packing, moving, and organization of all items from your old office with expertise, minimizing disruption to your business operations and maximizing efficiency.


Experience top-notch professional office moving services across India with MADHUA Packers and Movers. We offer secure office moving services in Delhi and office relocation services throughout India, ensuring the safety of your office belongings at genuine prices. Receive a complimentary quote from a trusted office mover in any major Indian city. Our office removal companies in Delhi and office relocation service providers in India will guide you through every step of the process, guaranteeing a successful and cost-efficient office move. Entrust us with your office relocation in India, and we’ll handle everything from furniture to IT equipment, data centers, and other office essentials. Don’t hesitate to schedule your office relocation in India with one of the country’s most reputable office movers today.

Courier And Cargo Services


At Madhu Packers and Movers, we ensure swift delivery of your bulk cargo to major cities across India by leveraging strong partnerships with leading commercial airlines, cargo shipments, and logistical partners. Our extensive delivery network, unmatched coverage, and cost-effective pricing establish us as the trusted partner for air, surface, and train courier and cargo deliveries. Count on Madhu Packers and Movers for your domestic courier and cargo needs, with guaranteed on-time deliveries to all major cities nationwide. Our transportation service providers offer economical and secure product shipping services, along with comprehensive insurance assistance.

Insuring your items is vital to safeguard your business against potential losses during transportation to their destination. With numerous firms seeking a reliable courier service and logistics company in India, we have incorporated distinctive features alongside our swift courier services to meet these demands. Trust Madhu Packers and Movers for your shipping and logistics needs, ensuring peace of mind and reliability every step of the way.

Fast Courier Service in INDIA

In India, our dedicated professionals offer swift and cost-effective local and domestic household relocation services. When you partner with us, we handle all aspects of your relocation needs, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. With a focus on exceptional service, we offer customized and large parcel transportation options nationwide. Our special delivery collection services cater to diverse needs, including delicate parcel handling and hassle-free shipping of large items. As the premier courier services organization in India, MADHU Packers and Movers Courier provides flexible delivery solutions for urgent packages, ensuring fast collection and door-to-door delivery.

At MADHU Packers and Movers, we are committed to meeting our clients’ expectations by delivering punctually across India. Our express distribution services guarantee swift pickup and delivery right to your doorstep. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a team of dedicated individuals in India who are passionate about our organization’s success. With years of experience and an extensive domestic network powered by cutting-edge technology, we have emerged as leaders in packing and moving services as well as courier services across India.

Car Transportation services

Car carrier and trasportation services in INDIA

Relocating your car can be a daunting task, adding to the stress of moving. Factors like distance, vehicle type, and road conditions must be considered. While driving your car to the new location is an option, it can be tiresome, especially for long distances, and may expose your vehicle to potential damage from rough roads or harsh weather conditions.

To alleviate these concerns and risks, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a professional car transport service. Only a skilled car transport service in India can provide the necessary expertise and support for safe vehicle transportation.

MADHU Packers and Movers, renowned for its reliable car carrier services in India, is here to assist you. With a stellar reputation in the industry, MADHU Packers and Movers offers top-notch car relocation services. Our team of professionals will pick up your vehicle from your doorstep, securely load it, and safely transport it to the desired destination.


Here are some key features that set us apart from other car transporters:

Seasoned Drivers: Our drivers bring years of experience to vehicle relocation, ensuring safe and efficient transport.

Swift Response Time: We aim to pick up vehicles within one to two days of receiving the request in most cases, providing prompt service to our clients.

Vehicle Tracking: Throughout the transfer process, we offer real-time updates on driver status, enabling clients to anticipate delivery times and any scheduling adjustments.

Comprehensive Logistics Management: We handle all logistical aspects, ensuring seamless coordination between our drivers and clients’ locations.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ vehicles are transported and delivered punctually, precisely where they need them. Whether you require truck carrier services or drive-away service for your vehicle relocation, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.



Choosing MADHU Packers and Movers for your relocation needs means tapping into over a decade of unmatched experience. With a track record of successfully handling thousands of shipments, our expertise speaks for itself. Over the years, we have honed our services to perfection, ensuring that each relocation is executed seamlessly and to the highest standards.

Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to anticipate and address any challenges that may arise during the moving process. From meticulous planning to meticulous execution, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the smooth transition of your belongings.

At MADHU Packers and Movers, we take immense pride in our reputation for excellence. Our commitment to providing the best possible service has earned us the trust and loyalty of countless satisfied customers. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your relocation is in the hands of seasoned professionals who prioritize your satisfaction above all else.

With MADHU Packers and Movers, you’re not just getting a relocation service – you’re getting peace of mind knowing that your move is being handled by the best in the business. Trust our years of experience and expertise to make your next relocation a stress-free and successful experience.

At MADHU Packers and Movers Ltd., we prioritize both our clients and their valuable belongings. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of GPS-enabled vehicle carriers, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the relocation process. You can witness the loading of your car in your presence, and rest assured that it will be safely delivered to your new destination with the same level of care and attention.

MADHU Packers and Movers Ltd. stands as a renowned PAN India company with a strong presence, boasting over 100+operational branches strategically located in key cities and regions across the nation. Equipped with a fleet of modern transport carriers ranging from light to heavy-duty, state-of-the-art shifting and transporting equipment, and weather-resistant packing materials, we ensure the safe and efficient relocation of your belongings. Our dedicated team of well-trained professionals at every branch is adept at handling items of all sizes, from delicate pins to heavy machinery, with the utmost care and precision.

Our primary goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and we strive to exceed expectations with our unparalleled service quality. With MADHU Packers and Movers Ltd., you can trust that your relocation needs will be met with professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to excellence, regardless of your location within India.

Madhu Packers and Movers Ltd. being a well-coordinated organization expects at least 3 days prior notice for making survey of your goods, since we work methodically through proper planning and dedicated specialized team of workers who may, at times, due to heavy load of work are engaged on other assignments.

madhu Packers and Movers Ltd. respects the sentiments and religious importance attached to Pooja material in Indian families. We give top most priority to such articles and pack them as article No. 1. The mandir is always packed in suitably developed and adequately protected well designed Mandir boxes & blocks. The mandir is delivered as a first article under strict supervision of our supervisor and our handling staff wears clean clothes and gloves to maintain its sanctity and impart complete respect to such kind of religious goods.

Madhu Packers and Movers Ltd. has specialized boxes to store items like keys, nut- bolts, etc and each box is specifically marked and labelled. The boxes containing these items are delivered first on reaching at their destination site. We do our best to avoid any human error in transporting and handling such items.

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